Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Mail Art for my Nan

I don't often send family members ART .Not sure why ? I just don't . My Nan has been my biggest fan .{Thanks Nan} .

I started this girl off with the intention to be Fairy like .She took on her own Character .
I gave her a crown at first .It just annoyed me . I felt like she needed something different .My nan loves flowers and after seeing a collage piece of a sun flower I added that and added my own flair with some oil pastels.

I LOVE WINGS !! I seem to add them on all my art work .I actually can not remember where these wings came from BUT I really need to get some more .
I love doodling into paint .I find it freeing for my soul . I added the Quote "Dream big " as I'm sure even at her age she has dreams .?!
I lover her thin neck .Makes me giggle .I seem to do all my girls well at least most of my girls with large heads and big eyes.

My Nan loves my post card .The best part was I didn't tell her that I sent her something so it was a great surprise .Nan rang me to thank me and that sure did make me smile .

In a world filled with technology and instant emailing and texting . Happy Mail seems to be too far and in between { unless you are ordering yummy things like art supplies } then its mostly bills that arrive in the post . I say lets send more Happy mail !! write a note to someone special to let them know you are thinking about them. Take the time to practice your handwriting ..{ I worry that beautiful handwriting will soon be a thing of the past ! }
Or paint a post card and send some mail art .

Hugs Lisa xo

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