Friday, 26 January 2018

New year :: New Journal page

I decided 2018 will be a ART filled year . A year to do more ART. A year to LEARN more , PRACTICE more and to have the COURAGE to play even if it means I don't like the end result in my art project .

A Christmas gift from my family . A year of LIFE BOOK 2018 over at Willowing .

The lesson I worked on was Make your mark journal page .
I didn't like my first layers and it seemed like I was just making a mess. I told my self that's ok . Breath..... and start again .Instead of throwing out the page I took out my papers and re collaged over the top and re visited the PDF and video lessons to help guide me.

I made a huge mug of tea and enjoyed the artful play time in my studio .I LOVE the end result .

Art journal page :: Make your Mark 

Lisa xoxo



Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Another very nice piece of art.

Cindy D. said...

Wonderfully pretty! Such lush color (and all my favorites)! As for making a mess holy cow, I find that the beginnings of most art looks terrible. And that kept me from progressing for ages. But I know better now and try to tell everyone else too - it's going to look terrible for a while. Push through! :D

Laney said...

This is beautiful! I find that sometimes I will be really unhappy with what I am doing but if I can just keep going it will develop into something I am happy with. And layers are always a good thing! lol This is a gorgeous piece. So glad you kept going and shared it. Love the butterflies and the "strength - transformation" words.

Giggles said...

Beautiful...just let go. I've heard when you hate one layer just keep going....keep layering and it will come together.
Peace Giggles