Thursday, 29 December 2016

My Goals 2017

In a few more days it will be the year 2017 . Start of a fresh NEW YEAR ! I'm excited to see what 2017 has to bring me .

As I reflect on 2016 .... I have learnt I need to look after myself as well as I look after others ..... It's ok to take time out and do the things I love to do . Going for a walk really does help clear your mind and having coffee dates with friends is just what the Dr ordered.

I love the idea of having GOALS rather then new years resolutions . Thanks to My friend Belinda for the idea. ♥

1..Paint , draw, doodle more. explore Mixed media Art as much as I can.

My soul is happy when I'm creative. I have sooooooooooooooooooo much to learn but the journey is so amazing .each time I complete something and learn something I feel proud of my self .

                                      {Little Mixed media project still a work in progress }

2. try something new .To have the courage to do something out of my comfort zone !

3.Meditate ...I really need to calm my mind and switch off .

4. Exercise more .. I have Denise Austin's exercise dvd in the player waiting for me to hit play hahaha.

5. Set aside a day each week where My children and my self sit down and Art journal . Or just do art together.

6. start my veggie patch .

7. Breath .......remember to take time out and enjoy the little things .

8. Learn to love the imperfections in my art .

9. Blog a lot more

10. To dance like no ones is watching ! who cares if I can't dance ! :)

11. Have more coffee /Tea dates with Friends .After all coffee and Tea is always a great idea .

12. Learn lettering !!!

13. Write in my Journal. I will leave these 13 goals here.( After all 13 is my favourite number )

What about you .Do you have any goals or new year resolutions for 2017 ?

wishing you all well this festive season .

Lisa xo

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Laney said...

I like the idea of goals rather than resolutions too, and I liked reading your list. I totally agree about taking a walk to clear your head - works wonders. Happy New Year!