Friday, 11 November 2016

Paint party friday :: Postcards

Finally finished all 10 of my postcards for Ihanna's DIY Postcard swap 2016.

I really enjoyed making each and everyone.

Here they all are .
We have from left to right (yep I gave them all names hehe )
* Isabella

Second photo

The last two girls I haven't introduced just yet so I will do it in this blog post .

Meet Matilda she enjoys spending every spare moment she gets out in nature .

Mackenzie .She loves Music, theatre, comedy, dance and visual arts.

Looking forward to sending these off to their new homes. I'm excited to see what postcards I get in the mail and where abouts in the world they came from .

Thanks for stopping in and reading my post .

I'm off to make a mug of tea and to read some blog posts on PPF . ( hoping I have good internet connection today .Sometimes its hit and miss )

Happy Creating
Much Love
Lisa xoxo

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Indira said...

Beautiful cards! The names and the faces match perfectly. I am sure whoever gets them will be thrilled.

Christine said...

Sweet postcards!

Giggles said...

Oh it's thrilling to see them altogether like this with their sweet names!! Very well done!! Inspirational too!

Hugs Giggles

Clare Lloyd said...

They are gorgeous

NatureFootstep said...

of course they shall have names :) They all are individuals. Hard to pick a favorite among them. They ae all great. :)

Kristin Dudish said...

What a wonderful collection of beautiful (and inspiring) girls. (I know a "Phoebe" and she has lovely long hair too!)

Susan said...

These are darling. And your backgrounds give them interesting depth. Happy PPF

EAGHL/Granny Annie said...

This postcard swap sounds like a wonderful challenge. You have done so well and created such beautiful cards.

Faye said...

Wonderful little ladies with such adorable and fitting names.

Julene said...

Each postcard is beautiful. You have done an amazing job!
Anyone would love to receive one in the mail.....or as a gift!!

Fran said...

Pretty cards. Love the backgrounds.

Linda Kunsman said...

they are all so adorable Lisa!! Thank you for sharing because I really love the look of these DD faces in acrylics which is my medium of choice too. I did her lessons in watercolors only to push myself further in that medium. Happy PPF!

Laney said...

These girls are all really nice and I love seeing them all together like this. It's a great bunch of postcards and I am sure your partners will be happy to receive them!

riitta k said...

All these small girls are pretty and cute! I find them to be a little fairy like. So lovely.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

These turned out AMAZING!!! I know they will all find good homes. Can't wait to see what you get in return.

Adrianne in Portland said...

Hi Lisa, Well I mailed mine to you today November 15 from Portland, Oregon, USA. Not nearly as gorgeous as your cards but I tried!