Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Banksia on canvas

Last night I treated myself to another Art class .I love going and picking up a few new tips and really just being out in a creative environment awakens my soul .I find the 3 hours so relaxing. Em is such a awesome teacher .

Last nights class was a Banksia flower.

I had so much fun playing with spray paints and paints in general and for once I didn't cover my self in any !!

I have another Art class to attend to tomorrow night with my 12 year old daughter .

Hugs xoxox

Monday, 6 August 2018

Mr Owl

Hello Mr Owl .Will you tell me a story ?! I bet you have many to tell ?

Last week I went to Art class at night . Its been along time since I had any artsy time .I have a daughter going through depression so its been a little stressful ..

I lost my self in the whole process .3 hours nearly of artsy fun ! I completely switched off my worrying mind and went into calm lets enjoy every brush stroke .

After living on a farm for 2 years . Hubby and I made the decision it was time to move back home .The long driving time back and forth to take my daughter to Dr appointments finally took its toll on me .

Im loving being back in my home town and being able to 'go to things like art classes .

Hugs xoxo


Monday, 7 May 2018

10 Swap postcards

I joined iHanna's spring DIY postcard swap - spring 
I had no plan when I started this lot of postcards ! The first batch of postcards I had them all planned out but I was never happy with them sooooo I went back to my studio and just played .

I'm really happy with the end result .I did want to finish off with a Black sewn boarder but as I live on a farm and no where near a shop .I only had white thread left and I went with that .I actually don't mind the white seeing as though I had white aspects on the postcard .

all 10 postcards have been sent out . I'm looking forward to seeing happy mail in my post box .